Science is not an individual activity (I hope you know that). Therefore, all the results presented in this page are the consequence of the coordinate and synergic efforts of many people. I would like to acknowledge primarily the work of all the students that I have had under my responsibility. They are usually the invisible part of science, but they are the narrative force of the scientific developments. Also, I feel grateful to all the supervisors and co-workers who led (and lead) the way.

Having said that, let introduce myself. My name is Rafael Lucena, and I am a professor of Analytical Chemistry at the “Universidad de Córdoba” (Spain) where I teach different subjects from Entrepreneurship (yes, really!!) to analytical separation techniques.

My research interests are broad, but microextraction techniques are the focus of my scientific career. My group, headed by Prof. Cárdenas, is integrated by a team of passionate researchers working in different aspects of Analytical Chemistry. Our labs are located at the Marie Curie building (annex) of the campus of Rabanales (University of Córdoba, Spain). We are also part of the Institute of Nanochemistry (IUNAN), a research institution comprising 15 research teams in different fields of Chemistry.

I like writing about science. You can read some of my contributions to SeparationsNOW and Microextraction Tech (a blog that I am editing) on their respective web pages.

If you are interested in some additional info, you may find it on this page or at these resources.

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